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Break-in to “Area 51” announced

publicado a la‎(s)‎ 17 sept 2019, 5:30 por Plataforma Sites Dgac   [ actualizado el 25 ago 2020, 12:16 ]
Area 51 is located near Groom Lake, in Nevada State, and it’s a military base established in the decade of 1950 as a facility for the testing of high technology aircraft.
Area 51.
It was in the eighties when those facilities were linked to UFOs and extraterrestrials after American physicist Bob Lazar went to a TV station in Las Vegas and said during an interview that he was hired to “reverse engineer” an extraterrestrial spaceship that was stored in a venue near Area 51.

After that milestone, ufologists and writers all over the world made up a series of conjectures and conspiracies that have fed themselves for decades, with no proof nor other credible accounts that could confirm that the place stores an alien ship or alien beings.

Event cancelled

Despite that Matty Roberts cancelled the event to avoid incidents in the area, many people expressed their desire to attend and get into the military zone. 

The announcement of the break-in in September 20 has alerted the authorities, since the event could cause security problems and disturbances with unexpected consequences.

The area’s police recently arrested two YouTubers from the Netherlands, Ties Granzier and Govert Sweep, who entered into the military zone despite the “Forbidden Entry” signs.

Video and photographic cameras and a drone that they tried to use to shoot footage of the facilities were confiscated.

After being taken and questioned, they were released after paying a bail of 500 dollars each. When they were released, they said that they “simply wanted to take a peek to Area 51.”