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Are the published CIA UFO documents really new and relevant?

publicado a la‎(s)‎ 22 ene 2021, 8:32 por Plataforma Sites Dgac
In a year that might break news on anomalous aerial phenomena due to an expected report from the Pentagon requested by the United States Congress, followers of the subject were surprised during the week of January 11 by the publication of documents previously declassified by the CIA.
The CIA UFO files collection is available worldwide at The Black Vault website.
The website The Black Vault, managed by researcher John Greenewald Jr., made available to the public hundreds of files declassified by the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States in which it covers the subject, and that, according to the CIA, is the entire documentation that it has on the matter.

However, some scholars more familiar with ufology warn that it’s actually nothing new, but documents that had been available on the Internet for several years and that the only new development is that John Greenewald Jr. bought a CD with these files from the CIA in 2020 and published the new updated list of cases declassified by the Intelligence agency in The Black Vault. 

The Robertson Panel 

Virtually since the beginning of the contemporary “UFO age” in 1947, scholars have pointed to the alleged CIA interest in studying the phenomenon of unidentified flying objects. The files shared by John Greenewald Jr. date from the 1950s onwards and concern matters both within the United States and abroad. 

For instance, they include letters and memos written before and after the so called “Robertson Panel”, a group formed after the CIA called five renowned scientists in January 1953 to assess the “flying saucers” problem, headed by mathematician and physicist Howard P. Robertson. 

The “Robertson Panel” was a secret meeting at the time, but its existence was declassified and has been known for years. Several other documents uploaded to The Black Vault are letters sent to the participants of that meeting to recommend how to deal with a certain Dr. Leon Davidson, who was harassing the CIA between 1953 and 1956, approximately, trying to access a transcript of a supposed radio message that would have come from outer space. 

The documents also show memos in which the CIA indicated which sub-department would be in charge of following the news on what it called “unconventional aircraft” and emphasize that the subject could be used by possible enemies, such as the Soviet Union, in psychological warfare. 

In any case, the CIA itself has admitted on at least two occasions to have been involved in some way with the UFO affair. The first time was in late 1997, when it published a study in which it claimed that during the Cold War the military lied to the public about the true nature of many unidentified flying objects to hide their growing fleet of spy planes, the U- 2 and the SR-71.

Then, on July 2, 2014, the CIA posted on its official Twitter account: “Remember reports of unusual activity in the skies in the '50s? That was us” with a link to a downloadable report titled “The CIA and the U-2 Program, 1954-1974”.

South America 

As for South America, the documents declassified by the CIA show mostly local press reports collected by agency operatives in the countries where they were based and which were forwarded to Langley. 

For instance, there’s a text with the report in the local press of the sighting of a UFO in the town of Bahía Blanca, Argentina, in May, 1962, and the report about the fall of an artificial satellite in Bolivian territory in mid-May, 1978. 

Regarding Chile, there is a document from late July, 1950, which is the translation of an article written by Dr. Eduard Ludwig for “Cóndor”, a magazine in German that was published in Chile in those years. 

In the article, titled “The mystery of the ‘flying discs’. A contribution to their possible explanation,” Ludwig talks about his personal experience years earlier working at Professor Junkers’ research plant in Dessau, Germany, where they were developing a “new type of aircraft” that could explain the existence of “flying saucers”, which, bear in mind, were a fairly recent phenomenon in 1950. 

In any case, the amount of documents now available to the public is large, so fans of anomalous aerial phenomena will be able to spend hours searching, reviewing and looking for “new” data among documentation that is not so new, but that’s available to the general public now.

Those interested in searching through the documentation can do so by entering the website https://www.theblackvault.com/documentarchive/ufos-the-central-intelligence-agency-cia-collection/