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CEFAA gave lectures at border police quarters

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Between August 28 and 30, CEFAA’s Director, Hugo Camus, gave a series of lectures on anomalous aerial phenomena at police quarters in the far North and high plateau of the Arica and Parinacota Region.
Carabineros from Chacalluta's Fourth Police Station, in Arica.

Lecture to staff from Chacalluta's border police station.

Lecture at Putre's Carabineros Second Police Station.

Staff from the police quarters of Chucuyo, Chapiquiña, Tacora, Guallatire, Chilcaya, Alcérreca, Caquena and from the posts of Visviri and Chungará.

That region is one of the zones in the country where there have been reports of sightings of lights and phenomena that have been broadly disseminated by the news media in Chile and abroad.

One of the best well known is the “Case of Corporal Valdés,” a Chilean Army’s Non-commissioned official who along with his patrol told the story of an encounter with two powerful lights that moved through the air on the early hours of April 25, 1977, nearby the town of Putre.

Years later, in the 80s and 90s decades, several sightings took place in the skies over Arica, reported by the pilots of fishing and institutional aircraft, besides commercial flights.

Part of those reports and the ones that led to the creation of CEFAA in 1997 were described to Carabineros at the border quartes from the Arica and Parinacota Region.

Staff from Arica’s Fourth Police Station, from Putre’s Second Police Station, from the Police Quarters of Chucuyo, Chapiquiña, Tacora, Guallatire, Chilcaya, Alcérreca, Caquena and from the posts of Visviri and Chungará attended the lectures.


In the occasion, a video with the history of theses phenomena in modern times was shown. The modern UFO era began on June 24, 1947, when civil pilot Kenneth Arnold saw nine unidentified flying objects. The video also included milestones like the well know Roswell Case up until CEFAA’s and its equivalents’ creation in South America.
The lecture included a detailed description of the most common aerial phenomena that people is unable to identify at a first moment and are therefore classified as unidentified flying objects (UFOs).
There were also mentioned the sightings’ most common characteristics, as descriptions of their movement and very sharp turns in the airspace, radar detection, communications’ and aeronavigation system’s interruptions, in some cases.

Flights’ safety

On the occasion, it was explained that the Committee for Studies on Anomalous Aerial Phenomena’s mission is to collect, study and investigate sightings to characterize these phenomena. 
It was also said that CEFAA’s main objective is support the safety of flights in the airspace under the responsibility of the Civil Aeronautics General Administration and that extends by 32 millions square kilometers in three continents.
It was revealed how the investigation of a case takes place, since receiving a phone call or reports through our website www.cefaa.gob.cl until its ending with a conclusion that is sent back to the person who reported the incident in the first place.
Each one of the people who attended the lectures received a brochure with CEFAA’s history, about CEFAA’s work and posters with CEFAA’s telephone numbers, email address and institutional website to report these kind of cases.