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Conference at Carriel Sur airstrip: a new CEFAA at DGAC

publicado a la‎(s)‎ 8 nov 2018, 5:24 por Plataforma Sites Dgac   [ actualizado el 19 ago 2020, 7:31 ]
On Thursday, July 5th 2018, CEFAA spoke about its work at aeronautic facilities in Concepción.

CEFAA's researcher Gustavo Arriagada offering a conference on anomalous aerial phenomena.

Chilean Navy's officers were among the public at Carriel Sur's CEFAA conference. 
The aeronautic community of the VIII Region, along with staff members from Civil Aeronautics General Administration (DGAC), filled the Carriel Sur airstrip’s auditorium to hear investigator Gustavo Arriagada’s conference, titled "A new CEFAA at DGAC."

The event —which lasted for more than one hour— was a complete success, not only because of the subjects covered, but also because the interest of the attendees prevailed over the bad weather on that day.

Arriagada spoke briefly on how the Committee came to be, what its main mission is, its working methodology and the processes it’s implementing since some months back. He also said that CEFAA’s efforts are aimed at sorting out scientifically the unidentified aerial phenomena that could, eventually, present some degree of risk to air operations.  

The researcher also made a detailed account on CEFAA’s channels to report sightings and the methodology used to investigate these phenomena, which attract the public’s interest.
Along those lines, he showed audiovisual material and examples of the most frequent solved reports and a complete summary of this year's results. The event ended with a questions and answers segment.

More than fifty people, among them representatives from the Navy, DGAC staff and general public, heard about the different stages to process the information received and about the reports issued by CEFAA’s internal and external advisors. 

On the occasion, the airstrip chief, Daniel Aravena, highlighted CEFAA’s International Conference for FIDAE 2018 and said that since then he has seen a second wind in this office’s work, and the asked the people in the room to support CEFAA so it succeeds in its job towards the safety of air operations.