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A Carabineros and foreign police’s delegation at CEFAA

publicado a la‎(s)‎ 12 jun 2019, 7:55 por Plataforma Sites Dgac   [ actualizado el 21 ago 2020, 12:59 ]
Carabineros de Chile’s personnel and foreign police agents visited the Committee for Studies on Anomalous Aeriel Phenomena’s (CEFAA) venues.

The visiting delegation at CEFAA.

CEFAA's Director during his lecture.
For approximately one hour, more than twenty officers from Carabineros, the Chilean Navy, Air Force and Gendarmerie, along with policemen from Panama, Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Dominican Republic visited CEFAA’s venues and heard a lecture about the management and investigation of cases from this Civil Aeronautics General Administration’s body. 

They were welcomed at CEFAA’s headquarters in 5100 Pedro Aguirre Cerda street by Director Hugo Camus, who spoke about CEFAA and the Institution’s work in a 45 minutes lecture.
The policemen heard in detail about the beginnings of anomalous aerial phenomena’s research in Chile —since 1968— and the creation of this body on October 3, 1997, at the venues of Chile’s Meteorological Administration.

On the occasion, a series of videos were shown, with original audios and interviews to witnesses, as a way to show the different kind of reports that this Committee receives and investigates.

They also heard about the methodology used to investigate the cases and the work undertaken both by the Civil Aeronautics General Administration’s internal advisors as by external advisors and representatives from the Military, Law and Order Armed Forces.

It was also shown an analysis on the casos investigated during the last two decades, including aeronautical reports and the unexplained cases’ characteristics.
Finally, the visitors were given a brochure and poster that includes the website address (www.cefaa.gob.cl), the email to report from any area in Chile (cefaa@dgac.gob.cl) and CEFAA’s phone numbers, 22439 2670 and 22439 2935.

The delegation was led by Carabineros de Chile’s Colonel Raúl Peña.