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The US creates Space Force

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The US Congress approved a plan to create a “Space Force” conceived by President Donald Trump, that would become the sixth branch of the US armed forces and the first completely new in more than 60 years.
These are some of the logos that the United States is considering for its Space Force.

The Shenzou -11 space capsule takes off with "taikonauts" Jing Haipeng and Cheng Dong on board, from Jiuquan, China, on October 17, 2016.
In July, 2018, President Trump ordered the Pentagon to plan a force to perform missions and operations in the space domain, which is quickly evolving.

On March 1, 2019, the Department of Defense sent to Congress a proposal for a Space Force, considering a service that would fall under the tutelage of the Air Force in the same way that the Marines work under the jurisdiction of the Department of the Navy.

There currently exists a Space Command inside the US Air Force, with headquarters at Peterson air base, in Colorado Springs. The new service will be located there and will be staffed by personnel from that unit.

Operations in the cosmos

The main functions of the new armed branch will be “to protect the US interests in Space, to defend from agressions in, from and to the space and to perform space operations,” according to the draft law.

The Congress plan would block the Space Force from hiring during the start of the process to limit the duplication of working posts and an organization too big and unmanageable, despite having a budget of about 70,000 million dollars.

“The main thing is to maximize efficacy, (and) reduce the quantity of wasted money. We don’t need to create a bunch of openings,” said Republican congressman Adam Smith, a Democrat from Washington and President of the Armed Services Committee of Congress, during the Reagan National Defense Forum.
The President could assign a general to be the “chief of space operations” that would report to the Air Force Secretary and would be a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Eyes on China

Among other objectives, the American initiative would address the growing concerns about the defense capabilities of the other Powers in space.

“We have allowed China and Russia to become our equals, not our almost equals, and that is unacceptable,” said congressman Mike Rogers, a Republican from Alabama.

Air Force General David Goldfein has publicly confirmed that China has antisatellite weapons and that some of them can stealth their way to their targets and destroy them.

The Chinese also have high powered signal jammers that could degradate or obliterate the US Geosatellital Positioning System (GPS), or destroy the communications satellites system that links its space artifacts that gather information. 

Space Conquest

NASA, as well as China, Russia, Japan and India, is trying to achieve an ambitious space exploration program designed with their countries' development and projection in mind looking to the next five decades.

The interplanetary and intergalactic space is a natural projection for Humankind and the news from the US Government fall into those plans.
In the short run, the US decided to return to the Moon with a manned mission in the next five years, in 2024, and with a woman as a crew member.

China and Russia

Meanwhile, China recently announced that it will send its first Mars exploration mission next year and will probably plan sending "taikonauts," as their astronauts are called, before the next decade is over.
Even though the US is working hard to reach Mars, it still hasn’t officially declared when will it do so and has hinted that the first manned mission to the red planet could be launched at the beginning of 2037.

Russia has specialized in getting experience in long space travel. In fact, its scientific elite is the most knowledgeable on the subject because its cosmonauts have time records orbiting the planet.  

Let us not forget that the Russians have already surprised the world with the launch of the first satellite, the Sputnik, on October 4, 1957, before the United States achieved its goal of sending a probe to space.

In that context, the United States announced the creation of its Space Force, which has a counterpart in Russia since 2001 and that was reorganized in 2011 as Aerospace Defense Forces.