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Anomalous Aerial Phenomena at Diego Aracena Airport

publicado a la‎(s)‎ 3 dic 2019, 10:17 por Plataforma Sites Dgac   [ actualizado el 1 sept 2020, 6:23 ]
CEFAA’s Director held meetings with Iquique’s Diego Aracena Airport chief, Marcial Vidal, and his staff.
Diego Aracena Airport Chief, Marcial Vidal, and his aides.

Iquique's AVSEC  staff with CEFAA's  poster and brochure.
Diego Aracena Airport Chief, Marcial Vidal Arriagada, along with people in charge of Sections, Offices and Services SSEI, ARO, ATC, AVSEC, Finances, Logistics and Social Welfare, among others, attended a lecture by CEFAA’s Director, Hugo Camus, at the Emergency Operations Center’s facilities. 

For almost an hour the attendees heard in detail about the investigative process implemented by the Committee, as well as the mission and goal of the office.

Along those lines, Camus dispelled doubts about CEFAA’s investigation goals and said that the office main objective is to support the aerial operations’ safety, informing the Operational Safety and Aerodromes and Aeronautical Services Department, as well as the national community, about the aeronautical cases investigated.

During that activity, a video was shown with the recreation of an anomalous aerial phenomenon's sighting case in the North of the country by fishing prospection planes, along with the original audio communications between the pilots and the air traffic controllers from Chacalluta and Diego Aracena Airports.

The lecture also covered topics as certain features and patterns of sightings reported between Arica and the Chilean Antarctic, which gave way to a good exchange of experiences and ideas.

The activity is part of the annual program of lectures, conferences, guided visits and itinerant expositions of CEFAA.

Where to report?

After the event, CEFAA’s Director held information meetings with staff from the ARO, AVSEC and SSEI offices and handed them written material, brochures and posters, as well as phone numbers, emails and forms to report cases.

Camus also did a long interview at Carabineros de Chile’s hangar with an officer who saw an anomalous aerial phenomenon on the summer of 2018 on the Northern skies.

The meeting served to add new elements to an ongoing investigation and check the data gathered until now and that will be useful to illustrate the experiences collected by CEFAA on the last 22 years.

CEFAA receives reports at the cefaa@dgac.gob.cl email address, at the website www.cefaa.gob.cl and at the phone numbers  22439 2670 and 22439 2935.