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Anomalous Aerial Phenomena at El Tepual Airport

publicado a la‎(s)‎ 30 abr 2019, 10:37 por Plataforma Sites Dgac   [ actualizado el 20 ago 2020, 13:05 ]
With a lecture titled “UFOs… Ships from another world?”, CEFAA was at El Tepual on April 25, 2019.

The Committee did different activities at El Tepual.
El Tepual Airport Chief, Rodrigo González Suenzen, commended the Civil Aeronautics General Administration’s Committee for Studies on Anomalous Aerial Phenomena’s (CEFAA) dissemination and information work after a lecture by CEFAA’s researcher Gustavo Arriagada at El Tepual’s venues.
The airport authority said that the body’s labor completes and supports the safety of aerial operations in the national territory and that it should be known by everyone who works in the aeronautical sector.

CEFAA was present in El Tepual on April 25, when it met with Air Traffic Controllers, flight service technicians, airport security Avsec, meteorologists, SSEI personnel, administration personnel and professionals from different areas.

The lecture “UFOs… ships from another worlds?” gathered an enthusiast audience that heard about CEFAA’s methodology and some of the main cases from the last years, including the “Livor” report.

For about one hour and a half, researcher Gustavo Arriagada spoke about CEFAA’s daily work, highlighting the rigorous investigative procedures and the different stages in an investigation.
The researcher said that each report received by CEFAA —approximately one each three or four days— means starting a new investigation from the ground up, proposing and testing different hypotheses, checking different sources, interviewing witnesses, gathering accounts, collecting proof and contrasting data and information of different kinds.

All reports are important

“For us, all reports from regular citizens, flight crews and aeronautical personnel are important. Besides applying the experience in the knowledge of these phenomena, we consult with distinguished specialists from our Institution and from Universities and Institutes, so they issue their opinion on the report. And one of the most important points is that we always send our conclusion to the person that made the report in the first place”, said Arriagada.

In a monthly basis, CEFAA issues an Executive Report to General Secretariat’s Programming and Control Department, detailing the reports received in the month with a level of cases solved or more than 50 percent from that period of time.
The lecture ended with a questions and answers segment and the audience sharing personal experiences related to aerial phenomena and the safety of the aeronautical operations.
To convey CEFAA’s work, posters, brochures and informative material was given to the airport different sections and departments, as well as CEFAA’s contact information, which is their website www.cefaa.gob.cl, the email cefaa@dgac.gob.cl and the phone numbers 22439 2670 and 22439 2935, for everyone who want to report the sighting of strange aerial phenomena.