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UAP on the USA’s sights

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Since the New York Times began leaking in December, 2017, several videos and previously unknown information about sightings of unidentified aerial phenomena by US military personnel, the issue has once again been covered by the mainstream media before the imminent publication next June of a Pentagon report requested by Congress.
American journalist, researcher and author Leslie Kean.

Skeptic and UFO videos and photographs' debunker Mick West.

A picture of a UAP video recorded by the Chilean Navy. Mick West and his colleagues think it's a commercial flight.

Former US intelligence official and current UFO public figure Luis Elizondo.

Jacques Fabrice Vallée, one of the world's most influential ufologists.

The cover of Jacques Vallée and Paola Leopizzi Harris' new book, in which they tell the story of the crash and retrieval of a UFO in the United States in 1945, almost two years before the well known Roswell case.
And in that context, one of the writings which has provoked more comments is a long article by journalist and writer Gideon Lewis-Kraus published by the New Yorker magazine on April 30, 2021.

For the piece, entitled How the Pentagon Started Taking U.F.O.s Seriously, the reporter interviewed several people involved in the investigation of UAP sightings, both believers and skeptics, and in the article he examined in some detail both recent and historical that have taken place since the beginning of the “contemporary UFO era” in June, 1947. 

New momentum 

After consecrating a few pages to provide the historical and political context in which the investigation of anomalous aerial phenomena has unfolded, the author focuses on the figure of Leslie Kean, an American journalist, researcher and writer to whom Lewis -Kraus credits for having caused a paradigm shift by publishing, together with Ralph Blumenthal and Helene Cooper, an article entitled “Bright auras and ‘black money’: the mysterious Pentagon UFO program,” which in its online version also included videos of UAP recorded by US Navy pilots.

Kean, who in August 2010 published the best-selling book UFO: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record, became seriously interested in the subject after reading a ninety-page report in 1999 known as “Cometa”, written by a dozen retired French generals, scientists and space experts, entitled “U.F.O.s and Defense: For What Must We Prepare Ourselves?”

In the now legendary Times article from December 2017, Kean and his collaborators revealed that the Pentagon had been running a secret program to investigate UAP between 2007 and 2012. On blogs and podcasts, ufologists began referring to “December 2017” as the moment when the taboo on the subject began to lift. Joe Rogan, a popular podcast host, has often mentioned the article, praising Kean's work for precipitating a “culture shift.” 

“We don't know what they are”

Since then, high-level officials have publicly admitted their bewilderment over UAP. 

In July, 2020, Senator Marco Rubio, the former acting chairman of the Senate’s Select Committee on Intelligence, spoke to CBS News about mysterious flying objects in restricted airspace. He said things like “We don't know what they are” and “It’s not ours”. In December, in a video interview with economist Tyler Cowen, former CIA Director John Brennan admitted that he didn’t quite know what to think: “Some of the phenomena we’re going to be seeing continues to be unexplained and might, in fact, be some type of phenomenon that is the result of something that we don’t yet understand and that could involve some type of activity that some might say constitutes a different form of life.”

In a recent interview with Fox News, former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe stressed that the issue should not be taken lightly. “When we talk about sightings, we are talking about objects that have been seen by Navy or Air Force pilots, or have been picked up by satellite imagery, that frankly engage in actions that are difficult to explain, movements that are hard to replicate, that we don’t have the technology for, or are travelling at speeds that exceed the sound barrier without a sonic boom”, he said. 

Link with CEFAA 

According to the journalist who wrote the New Yorker magazine’s article, “Kean is certain that U.F.O.s are real. Everything else —what they are, why they’re here, why they never alight on the White House lawn— is speculation.”

Once it was clear that UFOs would be her life’s work, Kean chose to focus on “the really good cases” that had been reported since the closing of Project Blue Book, the official US Air Force UAP investigation between 1952 and 1969, including those involving professional observers, such as pilots, and ideally multiple witnesses; the ones that have been substantiated with photographs or radar records; and especially those in which the experts had eliminated other interpretations.

According to the New Yorker chronicler, after the publication of her book Kean became a well-known figure in the international UFO circuit and had a cordial relationship with the former CEFAA team, led by Chilean Air Force General (R) Ricardo Bermúdez. Taking advantage of that, the author began publishing CEFAA cases in the digital medium Huffington Post, showing “signs of agitation and evangelism,” according to Lewis-Kraus. 

In March, 2012, Kean wrote an article titled “UFO Caught on Tape Over Santiago Air Base,” a CEFAA case known locally as “Base Aérea El Bosque”, to which Kean attributed an unknown origin. However, skeptics and critics pointed out that the unidentified object was most likely an insect.

Chilean Navy’s video

Besides Leslie Kean, Gideon Lewis-Kraus also highlights in the article the figure of Mick West, an English video game developer turned UFO skeptic, based in California, in the USA.

After selling his video game company and “retiring before age 40,” West has devoted his time and efforts to studying allegedly unexplained cases and offering mundane explanations for several of them. 

In 2013, Mick West founded Metabunk, an online forum where like-minded colleagues examined anomalous phenomena. On January 6, 2017, another skeptic drew his attention to a Huffington Post article by Leslie Kean. In the article, titled “Groundbreaking UFO Video Just Released by Chilean Navy,” the author wrote in detail about an “exceptional nine-minute” recording filmed with infrared cameras from a Chilean Navy helicopter.

West watched the video with an immediate sense of recognition. He posted the link to Skydentify, a Metabunk subforum, positing his theory that the strange formations in the video were “aerodynamic contrails,” which he was used to seeing as planes flew over his home in Sacramento. By January 11, the community had determined that the alleged UFO actually was IB6830, a regularly scheduled passenger flight from Santiago to Madrid. 

Ufology’s messiahs

Besides detailing at some length very prominent USA figures’ involvement in the investigation of UAP, such as tycoon Robert Bigelow and senators Harry Reid and Marco Rubio, Lewis-Kraus highlights Luis Elizondo, currently one of the most prominent names in the UFO field for having been an intelligence official who worked in the secret Pentagon program to later work in the controversial private group To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science and host TV shows on the subject for The History Channel. 

According to Lewis-Kraus, Elizondo resigned his position in the Pentagon’s secret program (known as AATIP) out of frustration for being blocked to brief about his work to Defense Secretary, General James Mattis.

A day later, in early October, 2017, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Christopher K. Mellon organized a meeting between Leslie Kean with Hal Puthoff, a scientist and paranormal investigator, Jim Semivan, a retired CIA official, and Luis Elizondo. 

With the exception of Kean, all of them later joined To the Stars Academy, the private group led by former lead singer of the rock group Blink-182 Tom DeLonge. At the end of 2020, Elizondo, Mellon and Puthoff left the group, in which only Jim Semivan still remains.

It was Leslie Kean’s bond with Luis Elizondo and his associates that made possible the leak of official videos that began at the end of 2017, according to the author of the North American publication. 

Gideon Lewis-Kraus spoke with a former Pentagon official who told him that the government program that Leslie Kean revealed to the public had little consequence compared to what it initiated. “Widespread fascination with the idea that the government cared about U.F.O.s had inspired the government at last to care about U.F.O.s.,” wrote the chronicler.

Thus, in April, 2019 the US Navy revised its official guidance for pilots, encouraging them to report the UAP sightings without fear of contempt or censorship and in August, 2020, the undersecretary of Defense, David Norquist, publicly announced the existence of the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force (UAPTF) , which would be the entity responsible for issuing the report expected for June. 

Crashed UFOs? 

Near the end of his lengthy article, Lewis-Kraus said that Leslie Kean cited the work of Jacques Vallée, who has been working with Garry Nolan, a Stanford immunologist, to analyze materials allegedly recovered from unidentified objects dropped to the ground for a scientific publication.

Although Vallée did not want to issue statements for the columnist because he thought that could undermine the process of reviewing his paper by peers, in recent weeks he has captured the interest of UFO followers for a peculiar fact. 

For months, book sale sites such as Amazon have promoted the pre-sale of the book The Best Kept Secret by Jacques Vallée, which would supposedly hit the market on May 4, 2021. However, the book was pulled out of the Internet a few days before its release.

In the book, which was promoted as containing important revelations from the analysis of materials allegedly from crashed UAP, Vallée would present the case of an unidentified flying object that allegedly crashed in the state of New Mexico in 1945, two years before the famous Roswell incident, in the same state.

A revealing book? 

For that, the book would have the statements of two witnesses. 

Days after the disappearance of the book from the Internet, it was learned that it would be edited again to add a third witness to that case. But it is not all: the book changed its cover, the word “Trinity” was added at the beginning of its title and journalist Paola Leopizzi Harris as a co-author.

All of this caught the attention of UFO scholars, especially because in previous years Vallée has been critical to stories of alleged crashed UFOs, such as Roswell. Anyway, some doubts may begin to clear now, because the book was finally published on May 13, 2021, a couple of weeks before the date when the expected Pentagon’s report is due.