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Visit and lecture at CEFAA’s facilities

publicado a la‎(s)‎ 26 jul 2019, 7:47 por Plataforma Sites Dgac   [ actualizado el 25 ago 2020, 10:35 ]
As part of our divulgative work, last Thursday members of the Civil Aeronautics General Administration’s personnel and their children visited the Committee for Studies on Anomalous Aerial Phenomena’s facilities in Los Cerrillos, Santiago.
A didactic explanation on the Committee's work.

The model of an anomalous aerial phenomena reported in Chile.

Reproduction of Kenneth Arnold's report. 

CEFAA's Director introducing the last activity of the day.
The adults and children's delegation was welcomed by CEFAA’s director, Hugo Camus, who introduced them to researcher Gustavo Arriagada. The researcher, who is also a sciences professor, offered a brief lecture on CEFAA’s work and the varied reports it receives daily from different places in the country and also from abroad.

Researcher Gustavo Arriagada speaks about CEFAA's work.

The specialist spoke about the responsibility to study anomalous aerial phenomena in a controlled airspace of 32 millions square kilometers under Chile’s jurisdiction.

He said that the reports received through the website and at the email address cefaa@dgac.gob.cl are rigorously analyzed by an elite of experts in different scientific areas, who issue their reports and conclusions.

In the occasion there were also shown videos of the high profile Livor case —which took place in May, 2018— that was very publicized, both in Chile and abroad. First it was said they were unidentified flying objects, but after a long investigation, CEFAA concluded they were the spotlights of a dozen Chinese ships fishing for squids, more than 200 miles offshore Chile.

Dioramas and documentary

After the lecture, the visitors visited the room of the Operations Center, where they saw the operation of five screens que process information in real time, following the movement of the International Space Station (ISS), satellites and national air traffic, among other signals.

Getting to know the investigation's tools ad the Operations Center.

The tour continued in the Historical Room, where the visitors observed several dioramas on anomalous aerial phenomena and a visual sample that shows CEFAA’s investigative process step by step.

The visit ended with the exhibition of the “Destination Space” documentary from NASA and the Smithsonian Institute.