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CEFAA Seminar at the 2016 International Air and Space Fair

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The General villalobos during the event's inauguration.

From left to right, Colonel Ariel Sanchez  from Uruguay; General Ricardo Bermúdez, Director of CEFAA; Pilots Oscar Santa Maria from Peru and Jorge Polanco.

Near a hundred people attended the event

With the realization of two International Seminars in FIDAE’s (International Air and Space Fair) Conference Centre, given to a massive audience, the CEFAA (Committee of Studies for Anomalous Aerial Phenomena) of Chile’s DGAC (General Direction of Civil Aeronautics) established its leadership as the official organization for the study of UFO phenomena in Chile.

During the conferences, progresses made in the investigation of some Chilean cases were presented, together with new testimonies of foreign pilots and public attending.

One of the cases cited was the testimony of retired Peruvian Air Force commander Oscar Santa Maria who had an encounter with a mysterious flying object. The former officer received the order to intercept and shoot down a strange object that was flying near La Joya air base in southern Peru on April 11th 1980, suspect of being a spy craft.

According to Santa Maria, after approaching the object he opened fire with the guns of his hunter aircraft.

“The object should have blown up or result damaged. But it showed no damage and started flying away at great speed” he said.

Santa Maria thought the object ascended at some 900 km per hour and reached 11 thousand meters altitude.

This testimony, together with another from captain Jorge Polanco that happened 21 years ago while he was in command of a Boeing 727, flying over Bariloche , he observed a mysterious object of some 30 meters in diameter . These cases caught the attention of the public.

The opening speech was made by DGAC’s Director, Air Force General Victor Villalobos who welcomed the guests and pointed out the importance of having an open organization that is able to speak and study cases that are landmarks in the study of the phenomenon. The Director remarked the mission of CEFAA that looks forward to making scientific research of the unidentified aerial phenomena in order to establish whether they present a risk to air operations.

The Seminar also had the participation of Colonel Ariel Sanchez from the Uruguayan CRIDOVNI, official organization of UFO investigation office from Uruguay.