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800 drones draw a giant plane in the air in China

publicado a la‎(s)‎ 19 nov 2019, 6:19 por Plataforma Sites Dgac   [ actualizado el 7 oct 2020, 7:30 ]

The shape of an airplane is drawn in the night sky over Nanchang, China, by 800 lit drones during Nanchang Flight Convention 2019.

The drones also drew the shapes of a helicopter and a fighter aircraft.
A model of creativity for young Chileans is the staging over the sky of a Chinese city of no less than 800 drones that drew a gigantic plane that was moving slowly over Nanchang. 

The show took place on November 16 during the Nanchang Flight Convention 2019, the Chinese equivalent of FIDAE, where the region’s aviation industry shows its latest advances in aviation, space travel and drone technology. 

“The aim of the convention is to promote the high-quality development of Nanchang’s aviation industry, helping to boost and incentivize investment and the rise of China’s aviation industry,” commented the secretary of Nanchang’s Municipal Party Committee, Yin Meigen. 

In addition to what appeared to be a passenger plane, the 800 drones also recreated the shape of a gigantic helicopter and a fighter plane, with the aircraft emitting lights of different colors to better create images for the viewers to see. 

Aerospace Advances 

Drones, or unmanned aircraft, are being used more and more in different fields, from the small ones for recreational purposes to the larger ones that serve for surveillance work, transport of products, agricultural work and military purposes.

In recent months, China has surprised with aerospace announcements and advances. 

Just over a month ago, China introduced the prototype of the helicopter “Super Great White Shark”, which has a circular shape reminiscent of a “flying saucer”, can fire missiles and be invisible to some radars, and a few days ago it successfully tested a lander for an unmanned mission to Mars in 2020. 

(Source: www.xataka.com)