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The Falcon Lake legend

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In the history of the UFO phenomenon there are cases that, due to their spectacularity or strangeness, go down in history and become true legends among interested parties, fans and scholars.
A drawing by Stephen Michalak of the object that he claimed to have seen in Falcon Lake, Canada, on May 20, 1967.

Stephen Michalak rests after suffering burns provoked by an object of unknown origin. In the image there can be seen the grid-shaped burns on his abdomen.
The Falcon Lake case is probably the most famous in Canada, as it has a relatively rare element in UFO cases: the witness would have suffered burns when he was very close to a strange object of unknown origin. 

On May 20, 1967, around noon, amateur geologist and mining explorer Stephen (or Stefan) Michalak was in the vicinity of Falcon Lake, Manitoba, Canada, inspecting a quartz vein. 

While doing these tasks alone, he was startled by the sound of geese that were agitated by something that was happening in the vicinity. Looking up, Michalak reported seeing two disk-shaped objects flying overhead, one of which had descended about 45 meters from where he was. 

For the next 30 minutes he devoted himself to drawing the object and then he approached it. However, when he was very close, the object suddenly took off, releasing an exhaust of hot air that provoked burns in Michalak’s abdomen and chest. 

Subsequently, investigators from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Canadian military found radioactive debris at the scene and authorities were unable to explain the incident. 

Medical report 

In the mid-1970s, the American writer and consultant Chris Rutkowski became interested in investigating and documenting UFO sightings in his country, which has led him to give lectures, collaborate on radio and television programs, write articles and publish books on the most prominent ufological incidents that have taken place in his country.

In that context, Rutkowski studied the Stephen Michalak case for decades. “He was treated at Misericordia Hospital, he was examined by doctors. He went to Mayo Clinic”, the researcher told the CTV News channel in Winnipeg. 

The witness suffered first-degree burns to his abdomen, which sported grid pattern marks, but his shirt and hat were also scorched. Michalak's burns turned into weals, and for several weeks afterward he suffered from headaches, diarrhea, weight loss, nausea and fainting.

When he finally completed a physical evaluation at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, that medical facility determined that Michalak was sane and not hallucinating. 

Years later, a small piece of highly radioactive metal was found at the site. 

Archives collection

Last November, Chris Rutkowski donated around 30,000 archives to the Archives and Special Collections of the University of Manitoba. That includes personal documents and more than a thousand books from the author’s personal collection, reports made by various agencies and documents on UFOs from the Canadian Government. 

Among the donated items are Stephen Michalak’s personal items that were burned during his strange encounter, as well as Rutkowski’s files on the incident. 

The voluminous collection of photographs, research notes, reports, publications and other documents will be available to the public for the first time from May 31, 2022, so that interested parties will be able to reexamine first-hand accounts.

“This unique and intriguing historical collection will add much to our understanding of the study of UFOs and will attract students and researchers to study this phenomenon for a wide range of reasons,” said the Head of Archives and Special Collections at the University of Manitoba, Shelley Sweeney. 

Chris Rutkowski and Stan Michalak, son of the witness, wrote and published a book about the experience, titled “When They Appeared” and subtitled “Falcon Lake 1967: the inside story of a close encounter”, which is available through the Amazon platform.