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Paul Hellyer, from politician to exopolitician

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The former Canadian Defense Minister has gained notoriety for his claims about the alleged presence of aliens.
Paul Hellyer, a Canadian former Defense Minister and Cabinet member, is the world highest ranking politician who has publicly defended his belief in the visitation of extraterrestrial races to Earth.

(Source: video.vice.com)
In the world of ufology there are certain characters who make impressive statements without offering any proof, which are nevertheless blindly accepted by some followers of the subject.

For example, many fans believe in the existence of extraterrestrial races that would come from different places in the cosmos, such as the Pleiades, the constellation of Andromeda, Orion or the binary star system Zeta Reticuli. 

The most critical ufologists do not take such claims seriously, but even they may come to be surprised when the one who propagates such stories is someone who has held important positions at an official level. 

Political career 

Paul Hellyer (b. 1923) is a Canadian politician who for some years has achieved notoriety in the UFO community for saying publicly that extraterrestrial races have visited Earth for thousands of years.

His career as a public servant is reflected in his biography. Between 1939 and 1946 he served in the Canadian Army. Between 1949 and 1974 he was a member of the Parliament of his country and between 1963 and 1969 he served as Minister of Defense and later as Minister of Transport of Canada.

So, when you hear a former Canadian defense minister say that there are several races of extraterrestrial beings, that draws attention, because one assumes that a man who has held high Government positions in a country that is a key ally of the United States would be in a better position than the common citizen to know about such things.

However, it is enough to review Hellyer's involvement with ufology to realize that his “authority” to know or comment on these issues actually doesn’t have a strong basis.

A good disclosure 

Between April 29 and May 3, 2013, an event called Citizen Hearing on Disclosure was held at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.

The event was organized by Los Angeles-based production company CHD2, which paid $ 20,000 to half a dozen former US congressmen to attend a simulated congressional hearing with 40 researchers and witnesses to the UFO Phenomenon.

Among the attendees were well-known names in the UFO community, such as Richard Dolan, Nick Pope and Kevin Randle, as well as Latin American representatives such as Peruvian Anthony Choy, Brazilian Ademar Gevaerd and Chilean-American journalist José Antonio Huneeus. 

When it was his turn to speak, Paul Hellyer, 89 at the time, very clearly explained his involvement with ufology and how he formed his beliefs around the subject.

Upon introducing himself (the video is available on YouTube and there is even a version with Spanish subtitles), the politician said that he had served in three governments of his country for a total of 23 and a half years. 

He later claimed that while he was Canadian Defense Minister he had UFO sightings reports that passed through his desk, but that at the time he was too busy to pay attention to them while trying to unify the Army, Navy and Air Force in one Canadian Defense Force alone, so UFO reports were not high on his agenda.

Reality v/s beliefs

Later, he explained that about 10 years earlier (2003) he became interested in ufology when a young man sent him reading material, including a copy of the book The Day After Roswell, by Philip Corso. Hellyer read that book in the summer of 2005 and was deeply surprised by its contents. 

After “confirming the contents of the book” with a retired United States Air Force general, he delved into the subject and began to learn more from other sources and witnesses. 

One of the people with whom Hellyer formed himself, ufologically speaking, was an American journalist who for decades has defended conspiracy theories about the alleged presence of aliens on Earth, to whom she attributes cases of cattle mutilations. 

Although he declares himself as a politician and not as an ufologist, Hellyer publicly states that there are about 80 species of extraterrestrials that have visited Earth for thousands of years.

And although at first it may come as a surprise that a former Canadian Defense Minister holds such beliefs, it must be firmly emphasized that it is false that Hellyer acquired such information during the exercise of his official functions.

Rather, he heard wild UFO stories years later, when he became interested in the UFO affair and was influenced by non-critical ufologists, such as Linda Moulton Howe.

Hellyer’s work and performance as a Canadian State Minister are not related to his fierce defense of the existence of extraterrestrials that allegedly visit Earth, a postulate that he shares with many other people in the world and that is limited to a belief system, similar to the ones held by religions.