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UFO experience in Lake Rapel

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Testimony of Chilean Air Force Pilot, Aviation Colonel, Member of the Circle of Aviation Retired Colonels, Santiago, July 4, 2010.

Author: Chilean Air Force pilot

Birth date: 02.07.1929

Related organization: Department of Air Photogrammetry of Chilean Air Force (SAF)

Circumstances: During a photogrammetric flight

Airplane: Twin-engined plane T-11 (from the nose in Plexiglas)

Flight altitude: approx. 8,000 ft

Place: Chile, area near Lago Rapel, South-West of Santiago (capital of the country)


  1. A photogrammetric flight consists in taking vertical pictures with a special camera according to a flight plan previously set out. A chart (map) with lines (aircraft axes) is used so that the whole area can be covered taking photographs while measuring its scale.

Those photographic flight axes or strips are straight parallels on which the successive pictures are “shot” automatically overlapping each other by 60% forward and 20 to 30% (laterally) between each strip. 

The author of this narrative, placed in the nose of the plane, had the command of this photoshooting operation : through internal communication he guided the pilot giving him altitude and position directions. He communicated likewise with the cameraman who was in the plane fuselage along with his equipment. He gave him the data to enter in the camera according to the situation: for instance, intensity of the light, need of a filter, when to start, end, or repeat the shooting, etc 

  1. During this kind of operation, I would constantly be checking the control points on the chart comparing them with the actual geography which means mainly looking down towards the ground and being positioned from an angle of 45º approx. Then, I realized I had in front of me 30000 ft below and coming up the other way a white object bigger than the biggest airplane that existed at that time (today it would be a Jumbo Jet). It had the shape of a cigar (fuselage without wing and tail) with a row of windows on both sides. Its speed was indeterminate but from the moment I saw it until the moment it disappeared it happened 3 or 4 seconds. I was baffled facing something that had never been seen. I thought it was a fantasy, but it was too real to be so. Unfortunately, I was not able to order the cameraman to shoot a picture right away, besides the camera was programmed to shoot pictures automatically as calculated in advance by the flight plan.

When I made the comment to the pilot and the cameraman via internal communication it was too late already and the exact moment was gone.

I admit that I was deeply moved by what I had seen. This kinf of object had never been commented by anyone else nor that day or before or after it. UFO topic was considered as fantasy at that time. As I had no proof in hands, I chose to talk about it only to my closest friends.

  1. A few years ago someone told it to a TV channel. They interviewed me in the Aeronautics Museum in the neighborhood of Cerrillos. When my testimony was recorded, they showed me a UFO report on a screen so that I could confirm what I had seen signing a form that would allow them to use my declaration according to the TV channel interests.

Considering what they had showed me, a shapeless thing which for nothing looked alike what I had seen, I refused to sign up. There ended the “interview”. 

  1. The picture exhibited by the General Ricardo Bermúdez Sanhueza, chief of the Committee for the Study of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena (CEFAA) from the General Direction of Chilean Civil Aeronautics (DGAC), during his excellent speech on the topic of UFO in June 2010, in the Club of Air Force Officers, in front of a group of officers from the Circle of Aviation Retired Colonels, inspired me to write about this fact which remained printed in my memory, in spite of my 81 year-old today.

The same way he ended up his speech: I don’t believe in witches but if there were witches, let they be!!! 

And I saw a BIG one.


Pelícano Case

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June 23, 2010, at 23:10 UTC

 Santiago Control Center received reports from three aircrafts on their way to Arturo Merino Benitez Airport (Santiago International Airport). Two of them belonged to commercial airlines. The third airplane belonged to the Chilean navy and was called Alfa Pelícano.

The flight PCP 521 reported a traffic coming across his trajectory going from West to East at a few thousands feet below. The flight Sky 169 flying on a different skyline confirmed the observation.

At about the same time, the navy airplane reported a traffic coming up in the opposite direction. The object passed underneath it and soon came back across its trajectory at the same level going from West to East.

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