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Pilot and ATC Recordings

LAN 045 Case

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LAN 045 Case

June 1st, 1988

A commercial airplane belonging to LAN Airline Company was about to land in the airport of Puerto Montt, a city in South Chile. The pilot observed an intense light that was coming closer right towards the airplane. 

Punta Arenas Case

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Punta Arenas Radar operator warned the pilot of a commercial DAP airplane, flight 21, about an unknown traffic, detected on the radar, that was moving ahead on his flight trajectory at 4 nautical miles away.

The pilot only observed a blur but made a preventive turn to avoid that blur.

Tobalaba Case

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Tobalaba Case


A circle-shaped object that reflected the morning sun was observed by the ATC staff of Eulogio Sánchez Airdrome in the neighborhood of Tobalaba in Santiago. The object made revolutions on the East side of the field before it posed on a hill’s slope located across the airdrome. The next minute it took off and disappeared to the North-West.

Pelícano Case

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Pelícano Case

June 23, 2010, at 23:10 UTC

 Santiago Control Center received reports from three aircrafts on their way to Arturo Merino Benitez Airport (Santiago International Airport). Two of them belonged to commercial airlines. The third airplane belonged to the Chilean navy and was called Alfa Pelícano.

More information the Pelícano Case

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