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AGA Case

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In the night of September 3rd, 2012, at 7:45 local time, an ambulance from the Chilean Air Force Hospital came in the yard of the Academia de Guerra Aérea (AGA) – Chilean air force school – to fill up its gas tank, a regular operation in this unit.

There were the driver along with the ambulance man and soon a non-commissioned officer from the AGA service came up. The three of them observed five lights in formation towards the East which at first sight seemed helicopters to them.

 When they realized the lights were coming down closer towards the AGA sector, they stopped filling the vehicle and watched the light come to a standstill at the Eastern end of the facility, at a distance estimate of 50 meters. While the non-commissioned officer ran to warn the guards and ask for help calling out the sentinel posted at the entrance of the unit, the ambulance man and the driver videotaped with their cell phones the phenomenon they were attending.

 From the south side of the AGA central building, they witnessed how the lights started maneuvering, forming at first a triangle, then a circle, all without the least noise, and ended going up towards the Northeast turning black.

 The three witnesses discerned the lights’ circular shape turning on it own axis. According to them, the phenomenon lasted 3 to 5 minutes.

Caso AGA - 1


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