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Pilot of passenger jet forced to put the aircraft into a steep DIVE to avoid a ‘UFO' that was ‘too high to be a drone’ in emergency over Canada that injured two cabin crew 

·          A Porter Airlines Dash-8 turboprop plane had a near miss with a 'UFO'

·          It was coming in to land at Billy Bishop City Airport in Toronto, Canada

·          54 passengers were on board the plane, which was flying from Ottawa 


Source: Mailonline By Rita Sobot

November 2016

A UFO nearly caused an air crash over Toronto when a passenger plane carrying 58 people on board came face-to-face with the mystery object.

Two flight attendants were injured when the pilots put the plane into a sudden nose-dive to avoid a head-on crash.

They later reported the object which appeared on their flight path might have been a hot-air balloon or a drone but aviation experts have voiced doubt over both theories.

The near-miss yesterday has been officially put down to a UAV, an unmanned aerial vehicle.

But one commercial pilot said on social media: 'A drone at 9,000ft? I don't think so.'

'Twenty years ago, a pilot seeing something unexpected might have reported a UFO, today it's a drone, but a drone a 9000ft, hmmm,' said another.

The strange incident happened as Porter Airlines Dash-8 turboprop plane from Ottawa was coming in to land in Toronto.

The Aviation Herald reported: 'The aircraft with 54 passengers and four crew was descending through 9,000 feet towards Toronto when the crew detected an unmanned aerial vehicle in their flight path and performed an evasive manouevre. 

'The aircraft continued for a safe landing on Toronto's Billy Bishop City Airport about 11 minutes later. '

One flight attendant was lifted off her feet by the sharp nosedive and hit her head on the cabin ceiling. The other was flung on to the galley wall, striking her shoulder and straining her arm as she held on.

It definitely wasn't a bird. It was a fairly large object 

Peter Rowntree, investigator 

Both were taken to hospital once the aircraft landed safely but their condition was described as non-serious.

There was no evidence to suggest the aircraft collided with the UAV but it was grounded to make sure no damage had been caused by the sudden evasive action.

Peter Rowntree, a senior regional investigator with the Transportation Safety Board of Canada, said the pilots were unable to identify the object.


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The continuous growth of space trash is becoming a threat to the air and space activity in the different economic regions of the globe.

Satellite operators all over the world, including climate monitoring missions, communications, meteorology, navigation, are concentrating efforts to control the space trash.

All the objects in space are the result of thousands of launches carried out by the space powers since the beginning of the space age. Debris from parts and pieces of rockets and satellites are counted in the hundreds of thousands and many fall towards the planet’s surface.

Chile receives timely notice from space agencies when space junk that has been monitored re enter the atmosphere in order to take provision to protect the air traffic operating under its jurisdiction in the South Pacific area.

This information is also derived to the Committee of Studies of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena (CEFAA), as an extra element available to correlate reports of events that might be mistakenly identified as possible UFO’s.

Source: European Space Agency (ESA)


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Words from CEFAA Director

During this Seminar we have learnt from direct participants and qualified witnesses some of the performances and characteristics of the phenomenon that concern us. They are evidence that confirm once again that the anomalous aerial phenomenon is real and more common than what one might think and, in some occasions, could interfere the normal progress of an aircraft during flight

Some years ago, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has intensified its efforts to the prevention of the risk factor that could affect the security of air operations.  In the Instructions about Human Factors given to operational aeronautic personnel, special attention is paid to the management of resources by cockpit flying personnel. The flying operation requires cockpit professionals to have a calm and quiet environment, free from distractions that may be the cause of an operational mistake of unpredictable consequences. It is within this framework CEFAA focuses its line of work. And as this phenomenon also has appeared elsewhere, we feel inclined to share and receive information to increase our data and be able  to better characterize the phenomenon.

In these two days in which we have shared information with distinguished pilots, professionals and qualified witnesses, we were able to conclude the following:

1.  The anomalous aerial phenomenon, characterized as unidentified flying object (UFO) is real and has shown itself in our air space and also in other nations as was demonstrated by our guests and our own experience.

2. It is essential to continue analysing the phenomenon from a scientific point of view in order to obtain answers that might permit us to recommend procedures to aircrews. It is necessary the exchange of reliable information in order to characterize it in the best possible way.

3. It is necessary to create an international organization (such as the International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO), to collect and analyse the information obtained by the member states, to suggest recommendations  to flying crews in the event of an encounter with such phenomenon.

4. We must find the means to encourage the reporting of this type of phenomenon by air crews, aeronautic personnel and public in general.

I wish to thank the authorities that have attended this seminar, to the professionals that have shown interest in the phenomenon and to the general public. Your presence in this occasion motivate us to continue investigating in order to offer clear answers to the questions posed by the anomalous aerial phenomenon.

Thank you

Brazil UFO-files Disclosure

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In 2008, the Brazilian government released for the first time files about UFO investigation. Among them, there was the famous “Operaçao Prato” that occurred in Amazonas in 1977 and which involved Brazilian Air Force fighter planes.
That same year, facing an increasing number of UFO reports both visible to the naked eye and on the radar, the Air Force prepared the so-called “Operaçao Prato” (literally, “Plate Operation”) aiming at deflecting the white dots.

The operation was planned by the Regional Air Chief Commander of Sao Paulo. Fighter planes such as F5E and Mirage intervened. Besides, an infantry detachment was sent in the area affected by the UFO “wave”.

As a result, the Brazilian government held strong evidence on the phenomena existence: many testimonies, photographs, sketches, and military and civil verbal descriptions that were classified secret. Unidentified Flying Objects were described reaching incredible speed and performing dodging maneuvers able to exceed those of the fighter airplanes.

Lieutenant-Brigadier Da Costa Monteiro stated:

“Indeed, at that time I was the commander of VII Regional Air Command in Manaus, and everything happened in the Island of Colares at 80 km from Belem, area under the authority of Regional Chief Air Commander Brigadier López de Oliveira. The files reveal zigzagging objects that stopped and went back to accelerating at incredible high speed. The files say also that they were chased by Brazilians without success.” 

“This kind of decisions was taken by the Air Defense Commando of the time (CODA), a squad responsible for controlling unidentified objects that could represent a threat for the country. CODA sent the order for F5E and Mirage take off.



CEFAA expands to Pacific Ocean: it signs agreement with New Zealand UFOCUS Research Network

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« Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) happens everywhere on the planet and it must be investigated on a global scale. »

These are the words of the CEFAA Director, Ricardo Bermúdez, and many serious organizations around the world share this point of view. 

It is the case of New Zealand’s UFOCUS Research Network, organization founded in 2000 by active and retired air traffic controllers. 

The agreement establishes real contact between CEFAA and a serious UFO research organization, UFOCUS, within DGAC controlled airspace, strengthening in this way, once more, the corporative image of the Direction of Civil Aviation. 

UFOCUS Research Network’s website: http://www.ufocusnz.org.nz/

UFOCUS NZ signs agreement, left to right:
Mr. Graeme Opie, Senior ATC (Retired), Secretary UFOCUS NZ,
Mrs. Suzanne Hansen, Founding Director UFOCUS NZ


CEFAA signs agreement, left to right:  
Mr. Gustavo Rodrigues, ATC (Retired), Chief Investigator CEFAA,
Air Force General (Retired) Ricardo Bermudez, Director CEFAA,
Mr. Jose Lay, International Relations Officer CEFAA

CEFAA visits France

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In the context of various invitations from abroad, Ricardo Bermúdez, CEFAA Director, recently visited two of the most important European organizations in UAP investigation: the GEIPAN, official research group of the French government, and the SIGMA2, French aerospace industry research group.

 The meeting with both organizations was held in Paris on October 30, 2014.

 France is a pioneer country in UFO research.

 Both in Europe and in the United-States, the CEFAA is considered to be the most advanced organization for UAP research. The Committee for the Study of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena counts on the best science experts and doctors’ support from Chilean greater universities. In addition, every army branch, including the police, has a representative in the CEFAA, which makes it unique in the world.

CEFAA thanks Leslie Kean, Bruce Maccabee and Richard Haines

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Leslie Kean
We wish to thank writer-journalist Leslie Kean for the international renown she has given to the work of the CEFAA in Chile.
She has pointed out the Committee as an exemple to follow by other countries around the world.
She wrote one of the best books ever published about UAP: UFOs, Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials go on the Record (2010).
Read one of her articles related to CEFAA: Update on Chilean UFO Videos: Getting the Bugs Out
For information about Leslie Kean see her facebook page or visit her website

Bruce Maccabee
The CEFAA thanks Dr. Bruce Maccabee for his collaboration and contribution to various Chilean UFO cases.
Bruce Maccabee is the most respected optical physicist in the world.
 He wrote many books on UFOs and published UFO/FBI Connection (in 2000) which turned out to be a best-seller in the US.
For more information about Bruce Maccabee, visit his website: brumac.8k.com

Richard Haines
We wish to thank Dr. Richard Haines, former NASA advisor and present Scientific Director of NARCAP for his permanent cooperation and scientific analysis of CEFAA cases.
For more information about Richard Haines : narcap.org and ufoevidence.org

Ricardo Bermúdez goes on Tolerancia Cero TV show

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In July 2014, the CEFAA director was invited in a TV show called Tolerancia Cero (zero tolerance) on the Chilean channel Chilevisión, to explain how scientific investigation on phenomena is carried out and what is aimed at.

See the interview video

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