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Brazil UFO-files Disclosure

publicado a la‎(s)‎ 1 mar. 2016 4:02 por Usuario desconocido
In 2008, the Brazilian government released for the first time files about UFO investigation. Among them, there was the famous “Operaçao Prato” that occurred in Amazonas in 1977 and which involved Brazilian Air Force fighter planes.
That same year, facing an increasing number of UFO reports both visible to the naked eye and on the radar, the Air Force prepared the so-called “Operaçao Prato” (literally, “Plate Operation”) aiming at deflecting the white dots.

The operation was planned by the Regional Air Chief Commander of Sao Paulo. Fighter planes such as F5E and Mirage intervened. Besides, an infantry detachment was sent in the area affected by the UFO “wave”.

As a result, the Brazilian government held strong evidence on the phenomena existence: many testimonies, photographs, sketches, and military and civil verbal descriptions that were classified secret. Unidentified Flying Objects were described reaching incredible speed and performing dodging maneuvers able to exceed those of the fighter airplanes.

Lieutenant-Brigadier Da Costa Monteiro stated:

“Indeed, at that time I was the commander of VII Regional Air Command in Manaus, and everything happened in the Island of Colares at 80 km from Belem, area under the authority of Regional Chief Air Commander Brigadier López de Oliveira. The files reveal zigzagging objects that stopped and went back to accelerating at incredible high speed. The files say also that they were chased by Brazilians without success.” 

“This kind of decisions was taken by the Air Defense Commando of the time (CODA), a squad responsible for controlling unidentified objects that could represent a threat for the country. CODA sent the order for F5E and Mirage take off.