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Words from CEFAA Director

During this Seminar we have learnt from direct participants and qualified witnesses some of the performances and characteristics of the phenomenon that concern us. They are evidence that confirm once again that the anomalous aerial phenomenon is real and more common than what one might think and, in some occasions, could interfere the normal progress of an aircraft during flight

Some years ago, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has intensified its efforts to the prevention of the risk factor that could affect the security of air operations.  In the Instructions about Human Factors given to operational aeronautic personnel, special attention is paid to the management of resources by cockpit flying personnel. The flying operation requires cockpit professionals to have a calm and quiet environment, free from distractions that may be the cause of an operational mistake of unpredictable consequences. It is within this framework CEFAA focuses its line of work. And as this phenomenon also has appeared elsewhere, we feel inclined to share and receive information to increase our data and be able  to better characterize the phenomenon.

In these two days in which we have shared information with distinguished pilots, professionals and qualified witnesses, we were able to conclude the following:

1.  The anomalous aerial phenomenon, characterized as unidentified flying object (UFO) is real and has shown itself in our air space and also in other nations as was demonstrated by our guests and our own experience.

2. It is essential to continue analysing the phenomenon from a scientific point of view in order to obtain answers that might permit us to recommend procedures to aircrews. It is necessary the exchange of reliable information in order to characterize it in the best possible way.

3. It is necessary to create an international organization (such as the International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO), to collect and analyse the information obtained by the member states, to suggest recommendations  to flying crews in the event of an encounter with such phenomenon.

4. We must find the means to encourage the reporting of this type of phenomenon by air crews, aeronautic personnel and public in general.

I wish to thank the authorities that have attended this seminar, to the professionals that have shown interest in the phenomenon and to the general public. Your presence in this occasion motivate us to continue investigating in order to offer clear answers to the questions posed by the anomalous aerial phenomenon.

Thank you