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UFO experience at Rapel Lake

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Testimony of a retired colonel from the Chilean Air Force, July 4, 2010

Author: Chilean Air Force Pilot
Date Of Birth: 02.07.1929
Agency in charge: Aerofotogrammetry Department of the Chilean Air Force (Aerofotogrammetric Service of the Chilean Air Force (SAF)).
Circumstance: During an aerial photogrammetric flight.
Plane: Twin-engine Beechcraft T-11 (from the plexiglass bow).
Airplane flight altitude: Approx. 8,000 ft. Location: Chile, area near Rapel Lake, SW of Santiago City (capital of the country). 

1.- The incident took place during an aerial photogrammetric flight, which consists of taking vertical photographic shots with a special camera equipment, following a previous FLIGHT PLAN, which is marked on an aerial chart (map) with lines (flight axes) that will be covered with photography the area to be surveyed at the previously established photography scale. 

These axes or strips of photographic flight are parallel lines in which the successive photos are “shot” automatically and cover each other by 60% in the forward direction and 20 or 30% (laterally) between strip and strip. 

During this capture operation, through internal communications the navigator (the author of this narration located on the nose of the plane) ordered the pilot the maneuvers to perform to place the plane at altitude and “on course”, the turns and the corrections when necessary. He also informed the photographer operator, who was with his equipment at the fuselage of the plane, the data to be entered in the photographic machine according to the situation at the moment, as, for instance, the light intensity, need for filter factor, initiation and ending of shots, repetitions and others. 

2.- While we were making one of these photographic strips and constantly checking my control points on the aerial chart, comparing with the geographical accidents, etc., when one looks mainly downwards and sides at an angle of approximately 45º, I noticed in front of mine, about 3000 ft below my flight course and in the opposite direction, a white object of a size larger than a large plane of that time (today it would be a Jumbo). It was shaped like a cigar (fuselage without wings or empennage). And it had windows running on both sides. Its speed: indeterminate, but from the sighting to disappearing under me it would be 3 or 4 seconds. I was perplexed by something I had never seen before. I thought it was a fantasy, but it was too real. Unfortunately, I didn’t act to order the operator-2 photographer to take an immediate picture, other than those taken by the camera automatically conforming to the pre-calculated flight plan. 

When I made the first comment via internal communication with the pilot and the operator, it was late and the precise moment had already passed. 

I admit that I was deeply moved by what I saw. A sighting of this object was never commented on by another person neither that day nor before or after. The UFO subject was considered something fanciful at the time. And since I did not have a manifest proof in my hands, I chose to discuss it only with my closest ones. 

3.-Some years ago someone told about it to people from a TV channel. I was interviewed me at the Aeronautical Museum, in Los Cerrillos. When they had recorded all my explanation, they showed me on a monitor a “sighting” of a UFO to confirm what I saw. Then they handed me a statement for my signature where I authorized them to use my statement according to the interests of the respective TV channel. 

Since what they showed me was a thing with no definite shape, and nothing like what I saw, I refused to sign. There the interview ended. 

4.- The photograph exhibited by General Mr. Ricardo Bermúdez Sanhueza, Head of the Committee for the Study of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena (CEFAA) of the Civil Aeronautics General Administration, during his excellent talk on the topic “UFO” in June, 2010, at the Air Force’s Officers Club before a group of officers from the Circle of Retired Air Colonels, prompted me to write this event that was engraved in my memory, today with 81 years “in the body”. 

As Bermúdez said when he finished his talk: I DO NOT BELIEVE IN WITCHES, BUT THEY DO EXIST!!!!! 

And I saw a BIG one. 

Chilean Air Force Pilot, Air Coronel de Aviación (A), Member of the Air Colonels Circle® Santiago de Chile, July 4, 2010.

Pelican case

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June 23, 2010, 23:10 UTC.

Santiago's Control Center received reports from three planes which were flying to Arturo Merino Benítez' airport. Two of them were commercial flights and the other one was from the Chilean Navy.

Flight PCP 521 reported that a traffic had crossed its flight path from West to East, about 4,000 feet above it. Flight SKY 169, which was flying in a different airway, confirmed the sighting. 

At almost the same time, a Navy plane reported a traffic that was coming from the opposite direction. It crossed underneath and then it crossed its flight path again at the same level, from West to East.

Ver la grabación: Caso Alfa Pelícano

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