CEFAA’s Director gives lecture at aerospace diplomate ANEPE 2020

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CEFAA’s Director, Hugo Camus Palacios, gave a class on the Civil Aeronautics General Administration and the State of Chile and CEFAA’s role in the safety of air operations.
The facade of the National Academy for Political and Strategic Studies (ANEPE).
The class at the National Academy for Political and Strategic Studies (ANEPE, for its Spanish acronym) was given via teleconference to students from different public and private institutions, including the Aeronautics Administration, the Chilean Air Force, the Chilean Army and the National Navy, in addition of foreign students.

On the occasion, it was detailed how CEFAA cooperates in maintaining high safety standards along with operational safety, airport, air navigation and meteorology services. 

To introduce the subject of anomalous aerial phenomena, it was summarized what has been its evolution in contemporary history. 

Then Camus explained the structure on which this body works, supported by internal and external advisers, and also by advisers from the Armed Forces, Public Order and Security. 

Through presentations and the exhibition of videos, the participants were shown how CEFAA researchers work from the moment a report is received until it ends with an Executive Report and its conclusions. 

Statistics from the last years and the first semester of 2020 were briefly displayed along with variables that interested the attendees. 

The inauguration of an Operations Center was highlighted, from which the movements of satellites, mainly Iridium and Starlink, are monitored and followed in real time, as well as the international space station and the movement of air traffic within the airspace under the responsibility of our country, that covers 32 million square kilometers.

Likewise, recreations with original audios of cases of aerial phenomena witnessed in Chile were exhibited, such as the one recorded by the control towers of the Chacalluta and Diego Aracena airports along with the crews of fishing prospecting aircraft in 1983. 

This case is emblematic due to its characteristics, among which the interruption of communications between the aircraft and the control towers of both airports stands out.