Strange experiences at the Berkshires

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In early July, 2020, Netflix, the movies and TV shows streaming platform, premiered the documentary series Unsolved Mysteries, which is a kind of revival of the same series that intrigued the audiences for 14 seasons since its first airing in January, 1987.
Tommy Warner, interviewed by Unsolved Mysteries in 2019.

Melanie Kirchdorfer, interviewed by Unsolved Mysteries in 2019.

Thomas Reed, interviewed by Unsolved Mysteries in 2019.
And thanks to this new season, the public was able to learn about a relatively unknown case of multiple sightings of an anomalous aerial phenomenon that would have occurred several decades ago.

The strange incident took place on September 1, 1969, in a semi-rural area known as the “Berkshires”, in the county of the same name in the state of Massachusetts, in the United States of America, which would have been witnessed by around 40 people distributed in the towns of Great Barrington, Sheffield, Strockbridge and Egremont. 

The night of lights

The stories reveal that on the hot night of September 1, 1969, the boy Tommy Warner was at the house of his neighbors, the Shaws, painting with crayons with Debbie Shaw, who was four years older than him.

It was getting late when Tommy got up and went to a window in the Shaws’ living room, when he heard a voice that said to him “You need to go home now”. Without knowing where that voice came from, the boy was very scared and ran out of his neighbors’ house to go home.

Jane Shaw, Debbie’s sister, saw Tommy outside running on the same point, making the movement, but without advancing, for five minutes, and when remembering the episode as an adult, Warner said that he was running, but he wouldn’t move.

At one point, he turned left and he would have seen a UFO in front of him “fall from the sky” and launch a bolt of lightning to him, causing him to stiffen for a moment, then disappear, all of it witnessed by Jane Shaw.

Seven minutes later, Tommy Warner was found lying on his back on the other side of the property. His brother yelled at him to get up and run, but the boy said that he could not move because he believed that the beam of light that was on him prevented it.

Then, he heard a voice in his head that said “I’ll be done in a minute”, and after that interval the light disappeared and he was able to move again, only to sit up and see how the UFO disappeared moving through the sky.

Unknown captors

Three kilometers from there, in nearby Mansfield Lake, 14-year-old Melanie Kirchdorfer said she arrived to the lake’s parking lot in the family car with her father, mother and sister to eat some ice cream they had just bought.

“My father backed into the parking lot and this brilliant, bright aura came around”, the woman recalled as she shared her testimony with Unsolved Mysteries.

Surprised, Melanie's father decided to chase the luminous thing in the vehicle, despite the opposition of his wife and daughters. The mother tried to calm the girls by saying that it was a shooting star, but they believed that it was not that.

Melanie’s sister does not remember beyond that point, but Melanie Kirchdorfer said she remembered “levitating” and “being on a ship”, in which she was lying and where there were “young people”, like children, that later “just disappeared one by one”.

Tommy Warner, whom Jane Shaw said she saw disappearing after being struck by lightning from the UFO, assures that he remembers seeing Melanie Kirchdorfer inside some strange place to which he had been transported, because he “remembers her eyes”, but the woman stated that she has no memories of seeing him there.

After that strange episode, Melanie said she regained consciousness when she was all alone at the lake, so she had to walk home.

The Reed experience

After 9:00 pm, 9-year-old Thomas Reed returned home in the family car with his mother Nancy, his grandmother and his younger brother Matthew. The Reeds’ mother steered the car toward Sheffield Bridge, about six miles south of the town of Great Barrington.

As they exited the bridge, which was covered, Reed said they saw a light to the left that appeared to rise from the banks of the Housatonic River. His mother, Nancy, described it as a “light ball” hovering in the air about “two stories high” and glowing.

Then the UFO rose, according to Thomas Reed, and it would have fired “rods of light” to the ground. As everyone watched what was happening, Matthew Reed turned to the right and saw what he later said was some kind of orange orb that appeared to roll.

The car was moving forward and the occupants said they felt the environment very “close”, as if there was a change in pressure, and all in total silence.

The Reeds’ mother stopped the car on the side of the road and then its occupants would have seen, floating, a disk-shaped object. Nancy Reed described it as a turtle shell and Thomas Reed said it was at least 90 yards long.

While observing the strange object through the open windows of the car and with a temperature of around 30 degrees Celsius, the entire interior of the vehicle lit up as if it were daytime. 

Suddenly, absolute silence gave way to the sudden noise of crickets and frogs, and that’s the last thing both Nancy and Thomas Reed remember. According to the latter, the rest of his memories are fragmented. He remembers about 15 minutes of the entire episode, when in reality about three hours had passed.

His mother and the other members of the family also do not remember what happened in that period. The next memory of Nancy Reed is being in the car in front of a drugstore located a little further South, with the Reeds’ grandmother in the driver’s seat and the mother in the passenger seat, when originally the mother was in the driver’s seat.

“Supernatural event”

In 2015, the Great Barrington Historical Society recognized the “supernatural event” of 1969 as an official historical event. Even private contributors erected a plaque commemorating the incident, but it sparked some controversy in the community and was later removed.

The plaque read: “The official induction of our nation's first off-world/UFO incident”.

In total, about 40 people reported witnessing the strange lights in the sky over the Berkshires area that night, and some of them claimed to have had extremely unusual experiences.

Was it an invention, a fraud or a collective psychosis? Less than two months earlier, man had first set foot on the Moon with NASA’s Apollo XI mission, so space imagery was probably at a particularly high point.

But, however, the incident still remains unexplained to this day. And the only accounts of the experiences and the presence of flying objects are the ones told by the witnesses. There are no photographs, no images or videos, so for now they are only stories.