Luis Elizondo, a man of Intelligence

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In December, 2017, the international community was surprised by the leak of US Navy videos showing footage of unidentified aerial phenomena during fighter exercises.
Luis Elizondo, the controversial director of global security and special programs at To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science and former Counterintelligence officer at the US Pentagon.
Back then, it was rumored that the entity behind the leak of that material was To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science (TTSA), a controversial company headed by former lead singer of rock group Blink-182, Tom DeLonge, and composed of scientists and former Government officials.

Since that time, Luis Elizondo, a former US Government Intelligence officer and current director of global security and special programs at TTSA, has gained notoriety. Between 2017 and 2020, Elizondo has appeared on television shows on UFOs on TV channels such as The History Channel and has been in a few UFO events.

While still working for the US Government, Elizondo would also have been part of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), a secret Pentagon project whose existence was revealed only a few months ago and in which Bigelow Aerospace, the space company of billionaire Robert Bigelow, would also have played a leading role as a contractor.

CEFAA contacted Elizondo and asked him some questions about his work and involvement in the research of anomalous aerial phenomena. After several months and insistence on our part, Elizondo finally answered our questions.

A counterintelligence expert

Some of his responses are evasive and intriguing, and we reproduce that exchange in full below:

-When and how did you get involved in UAP research? Did the UFO problem interest you as a young man, or did your interest arise later in life, during your time working for the US Government?

I was never a UAP researcher. I am an investigator by trade and I was asked to be part of the AATIP program in 2008 and I accepted the responsibility. My job for AATIP initially involved providing counterintelligence and security expertise. As a young man, I had no specific interests in UAPs. It was my exposure to the reality of the phenomenon that drives me today. 

-You have been in the spotlight in the last few years because of your previous involvement in a secret Pentagon UAP research and now as a member of TTSA and public figure appearing on TV shows. According to news articles, the Pentagon UAP program ended years ago. Do you think (or do you KNOW) that the US Government is still researching UAPs?

The US Government is in fact still involved with UAP research. The AATIP program is now becoming public knowledge resulting from the recent congressional interest.


-Do you have a personal belief regarding the UAP phenomena, such as having an origin in outer space or being, for example, human covert operations disguised as so called aliens?

I prefer to not pontificate about my personal beliefs. I don't think that the UAP phenomenon is about “beliefs”; it’s about “facts”. 

- Is there anything you can tell us about A.D.A.M. Project? Is there anything you've discovered analyzing materials that allegedly came from UFOs? How do you guys know when materials really came from unconventional flying objects and are not a hoax? How hard is it to find authentic materials from true unconventional flying objects?

The A.D.A.M. project is a culmination of efforts by the team at TTSA and others to obtain, analyze, assess, and research material that is of unknown origin. Specifically, to determine if these materials possess unique properties that may help better our understanding of physics, technology, and possibly Humankind.


- Does TTSA have any relationship with Mr. Robert Bigelow? He's well known for having funded past UAP research and his aerospace company was also involved with the Pentagon program, so I wondered if he's currently involved with TTSA.

Bigelow is a pioneer and many within TTSA know Mr. Bigelow both personally and professionally; however, to completely answer this question, Mr. Bigelow would need to provide you a statement.

- Does TTSA have any relationship with Dr. Jacques Vallée? He's arguably the greatest UFO researcher in the world and in his memoirs he talks about his past working relationship with people currently involved with TTSA, such as Dr. Hal Puthoff.

Please see response above. Dr. Jacques Vallée would need to provide a statement.


- Do you have any inside or non-public information regarding the Roswell UFO Incident or any personal thoughts or ideas about that might have really happened there in 1947?

I am unable to answer at this time.

- Have you had, as TTSA or on a personal basis, any contact with Chilean ufologists or the chance to study any Chilean UAP cases?

Our friends in Latin America are numerous, as are the number of credible sightings. TTSA is about "partnerships", including those that are international. As stated before, TTSA believes this phenomena is truly global, and as such, global partnerships seem prudent.