“UFOs are real,” “former” US Intelligence official claims

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Since videos of the US Navy were leaked in 2017 showing flying objects of unknown origin filmed by combat pilots, one figure that has attracted the media’s attention has been Luis Elizondo, a former US intelligence official who led a secret Pentagon investigation into unidentified aerospace phenomena.
The controversial former US Intelligence official and current media celebrity on UAP, Luis Elizondo.
Before the release of a much anticipated Pentagon report on UAP on June 25, 2021, there was still some reluctance on the part of the US authorities to speak publicly on the matter, but Elizondo foresaw that could change after the issuing of the report.
“The level of interest is reaching a critical mass... Now that the government has acknowledged the reality of Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon... it’s going to be real hard to backtrack,” he said. 

High level taboo 

Elizondo joined the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) in 2008 and was the director of that program between 2010 and 2017. 

As a part of his work, he had access to classified information from the Pentagon on the subject and interviewed military witnesses who had encounters with UAP “almost daily.” Some pilots said they had near-misses with strange objects, such as, for example, “a sphere inside which was a cube.” 

Among other things, Elizondo analyzed information such as radar and electro-optical data that showed some unknown objects zipping 60 miles in five seconds and descending at speeds of 14 miles per second. 

Despite the importance of the data collected, the former US Department of Defense’s official claims that in many cases his superiors preferred to turn a blind eye to that information, in some cases on religious grounds, since they related the study of UAP with demonic issues.

Elizondo tried to get some of his superiors, such as General James Mattis, to take a serious look at his findings, but he claims that senior intelligence officials prevented him to do so. Frustrated, he resigned from the Pentagon in 2017 to later join To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science, a private group led by former Blink-182 rocker Tom DeLonge. 

It was during Elizondo’s relationship with To the Stars Academy —a group that the departed with in late 2020— that videos of the US Navy were leaked to the public and he became a celebrity by being featured on large-audience shows at The History Channel, such as “Unidentified.” 

Foreign threat 

Currently, the “former” US intelligence official continues to work towards the dissemination of the reality of anomalous aerial phenomena among the public, but claims that there are certain things that he cannot reveal directly, as he is subject to a confidentiality agreement for life with the US government. 

However, looking back at his years at the Pentagon, Elizondo stated that his greatest concern about the UAPs was not the fear of a possible extraterrestrial origin, but that they belonged to rival countries of the United States. 

“We (were) behind the power curve” because the military leaders turned blind eyes to the unexplained phenomena, he said. “We knew that foreign adversaries in other countries are interested in this topic. So there comes a real problem from a national security perspective,” he added.
“This isn’t a silly conversation. This is a conversation about someone, from somewhere, displaying beyond next-generation technology” — which allows craft to fly without wings or obvious airworthy construction — “in our controlled airspace. And there’s not a whole lot we can do about it,” he warned.

One of Elizondo's allies in the US Congress has been former Senate Majority Leader and Democratic Senator from Nevada Harry Reid, who once took credit for arranging $22 million in annual funding for the AATIP.

Faced with doubts and questions regarding Elizondo’s role in that program, Reid has publicly defended him in recent years and at the end of April 2021 issued a statement in which he stated that “Mr. Elizondo has spent his career working tirelessly in the shadows on sensitive national-security matters, including investigating UAPs as the head of AATIP. He performed these duties admirably.”

Impossible Aircraft 

Despite being bound by the confidentiality agreement, Elizondo has reveladed some of the things he learned about while working at AATIP. Among them, he has described aircraft that flew at 11,000 miles per hour, “making crazy right-angle turns” and that could reverse course. in an “instantaneous” way.

For comparison purposes, he explained that in the US Air Force’s SR-7 Blackbird spy plane —which maxes out around 2,100 miles per hour— , “if you wanted to make a right-hand turn, it would take you about half the state of Ohio to do it.”

“(These) things have no wings, no cockpits, no control surfaces, no rivets in the skin, no obvious signs of propulsion — and somehow they are able to defy the natural effects of Earth’s gravity. How is that possible?” Elizondo marveled.

“Humans can withstand 9 Gs for just a short period of time before negative physical consequences. The F-16 fighter jet will begin to experience structural failure around 17 Gs. The objects we’re seeing are doing 600 Gs. Obviously well beyond the healthy limitations of anything” — including whoever or whatever is inside the vessel.

However, Elizondo stressed that the greatest concern is that these aircraft are technologies developed by human foreign power, more than the possibility that they are piloted by beings from other worlds.

“Let’s assume this is some sort of adversarial or foreign technology that for several decades now has managed to leapfrog us and evade all 18 members of the intelligence community. That would be an intelligence failure that eclipses just about anything else this country has ever faced,” he concluded. 

Source: The New York Post