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Tobalaba case 

In 1978, a round object that reflected the morning sunrays was observed by the staff of the Eulogio Sánchez (Tobalaba) airfield's control tower. After performing some circular maneuvers to the East of the airfield, the object touched down at the foot of the hill in front of the airfield. In the next minute the unidentified object took off and disappeared to the Northwest at high speed.

Punta Arenas case

March 3, 2011

The radar operator in Punta Arenas warned the pilot from a commercial DAP aircraft, flight 21, about an unknown traffic detected by the radar that was maneuvering in front of his flight path 4 miles away. The pilot only observed some clouds, but performed a preventive maneuver to avoid those clouds. 

LAN 045 case

June 1, 1988

A commercial airplane from LAN airline was approaching Puerto Montt's airport before landing. The pilot observed an intense light that was moving directly towards his plane. 
The pilot asked immediately the control tower about a possible traffic in his flight path. The controller replied that there was no other traffic reported, but he also observed the light that was flying towards the plane.
The pilot performed an evasive maneuver to avoid a possible crash in midair.

El Bosque case

November 5, 2010

During an aerial parade at FACH (Chilean Air Force) El Bosque Air Base, several people shot videos.
In some of those videos an object could be observed  which apparently crossed the airplanes' flight path. 

This case became known worldwide and was analyzed by international experts, such as Dr. Bruce Maccabee and Dr. Richard Haines.

Arica case


On October 7, 1997, at 9:00 PM, local time, a Chilean Army's aircraft was performing night flights to practice instrumental flying at Chacalluta Airport, Arica. 
Asked by the controller who was receiving several phone calls from the city, the pilot reported the sighting of a light to the West that changed its position at great speed.

Pudahuel case


Pudahuel was the former name of Santiago's Arturo Merino Benítez airport. 

Personnel at the control tower observed some lights that changed colors at the Southwest of the airport and asked about it to a commercial plane's pilot who was on approach to land. The pilot confirmed that the light moved slowly.
Two other pilots from different aircraft also confirmed the presence of lights and one of them described one as the lights "from a train with many windows".