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How to contact us?

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Phone numbers:
(+56 2) 22439 2670
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What is the CEFAA?

The Committee for the Study of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena is the official organization of the General Direction of Civil Aeronautics (DGAC) that studies the aerial phenomena, known as Unidentified Flying Object.

Why was the CEFAA created?

Both military and commercial pilot have been reporting Anomalous Aerial Phenomena. The need to know what was happening in Chilean skies could not be ignored any longer. This fact led to the creation of the CEFAA by the end of 1997.

What is its mission?

The mission of the Committee is to carry out scientific investigation on Anomalous Aerial Phenomena, known as Unidentified Flying Object. It aims at verifying whether it could in some way affect aerial operations’ safety. 

Where does the information that is analyzed come from?

The main source for CEFAA data are the various reports by the pilots who fly in Chilean 32 millions km2 airspace controlled by the DGAC.

 The pilots flying in Chile airspace and their aircraft are controlled by the air traffic control centers across the country. These centers have radars able to pick up the exact position of flying aircrafts. Besides, they possess recording machines which register the communications between pilots and the air traffic controllers.

 In this way, when an Anomalous-Aerial-Phenomena observation is detected, the recording is transmitted to the CEFAA, where a scientific investigation is initiated by the corresponding experts.

 The Committee also receives data from the public in general and reserves itself the right to select whatever might help in investigating the phenomenon.

Who is part of the CEFAA?

 The Committee is comprised of:

  • Permanent members
    • Director
    • 2 investigators
    • Administrative secretary

  •    Scientists from Chilean main universities 

o       Astronomers

o       Geographers

o       Nuclear Chemist

o       Physicists

o       Psychologists

o       Aerospace medicine

·        DGAC Experts

o       Air Traffic Controllers

o       Meteorologist

o       Aeronautics Researchers

o       Pilot Inspectors

o       Aerospace Engineers

o       Imagery Analyst


Outside collaborators

·        Imagery Analyst


What are the countries the CEFAA collaborates with?

 The Committee has relations with 14 countries and has signed agreements to exchange data with:

·        France

·        Uruguay

·        New-Zealand

·        The U.S.A (NARCAP)