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About Us

How to contact CEFAA?


Phone numbers:
(+56 2) 22439 2670
(+56 2) 22439 2935

What is CEFAA?

The Committee for Studies of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena, CEFAA, is the Civil Aeronautics General Administration’s official body which studies anomalous aerial phenomena detected in the airspace under the responsibility of the Republic of Chile and that extends through 32 million of square kilometers from Arica, in the North, between 120º and 131º degrees West, to the South Pole.

Why was the Committee created?

The Committee’s creation took place after several aerial phenomena sightings reported by the crew of commercial, private, sports and institutional flights, as well as the general public, that were published in the media in the nineties.

When was CEFAA created?

On Friday, October 3, 1997.

What's CEFAA's mission?

CEFAA’s mission and goal is to support the aerial operations’ safety on Chilean national territory and the airspace under the responsibility of Chile’s Civil Aeronautics General Administration.

Who can make inquiries and report cases to CEFAA?

All Chilean nationals and particularly the crew members of commercial and institutional flights.

Where can I report my sighting?

It can be done at our website www.cefaa.gob.cl, sending an email to cefaa@dgac.gob.cl or calling to the phone numbers +56 22 439 2935 and +56 22 439 2670.

Is there any protection to the source or identity of the person who reports a sighting or case?

Yes. When a person or witness completes the report online, that document includes a clause in which the informant can express that she/he doesn’t want her/his identity to be known publicly.